Saturday, June 13, 2009


So lately i've been thinking of tattoo designs. i know i want to get my entire left shoulder done but i also want to get my chest wrote on. what makes me so mad about it is, i really want a sleeve. it's irritating because i know i wont be able to get a job with a arm looking like gang graffiti. anyways, so many designs have been running thru my mind and im so indecisive as to what to get. all of my tattoos have meaning or a story behind them and i would like to keep that tradition going. i'll just be glad when i make up my mind and get it over with.


  1. Its all that creativity running through your brain! You have great ideas coming thru but you'll pin point one soon enough... there will be one you cant stop thinking about that comes up every time and like you said must have meaning behind it.

    Another thing is that its 2009 and long sleeved shirts are sold everywhere if you do decided to get a sleeve you should think about a job but its not impossible to get one due to a sleeve... but the chest tat... *SEXY*

  2. Get the U's logo tatted on your arm!